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“Historic” Roseland Community Building

Board of County Commissioners Indian River County Florida Tuesday – November 5, 2019 9:00 AM Commission Agenda 12. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS F. Public Works 12.F.1. Roseland Community BUILDING – MBV Work Order #12 ….As the building is not currently in habitable condition, staff is presenting the Board with Work Order #12 from MBV in the amount of $25,350 for design and permitting to complete the leveling of the building, repair all termite damage to the floors, replace the front door, remove and replace the existing concrete sidewalk to comply with ADA requirements, provide handicap parking, roof replacement, and address drainage issues that have contributed to the settlement of the building. This Work Order is for design and permitting to return the building to a habitable condition. It is not for the total restoration of the building to its original characteristics. Staff recommends approval of Work Order No. 12 for MBV Engineers, Inc., authorizing the above-mentioned professional services as outlined in the attached Scope of Services (Exhibit A) and requests the Board authorize the Chairman to execute Work Order No. 12 on their behalf for the total lump sum amount of $25,350.00.

October 13, 2015 – Roseland Women’s Club requested approval for a complete inspection of the Roseland Community Building to restore, renovate, and/or rebuild the historic building, due to structural issues.  Staff informed the BOCC that a structural engineer has been hired to determine why the building was sinking, and was awaiting a report for the repair cost estimates.

This building was closed February 7, 2017 to do necessary repairs due to the sinking of the building.

February 28, 2017 – In preparation for raising the building, the excavation of the support piers and structural members of required.  At this point, substantial termite damage to the structural members of the building, the sub-flooring of the building, and to the southern portion of the building that was buried.  At this point, the contractor was directed to cease construction and to evaluate the overall termite damage of the building and provide the county with a preliminary cost estimate to repair the termite damage to the building.

March 7, 2017 – The building is closed until further notice due to safety concerns.  Indian River County will make necessary repairs when funding becomes available.


The Roseland Community Building was financed by the Roseland Women’s Club in 1927 and completed in 1929.  It is a one-story wood frame building with a gable roof.  A vernacular building approach was employed where local skills and locally available materials were used.  For instance, timbers from the old St. Sebastian River Bridge were used as building supports.  A concrete block addition to the west side of the Building was completed in 1959.  Located on a sandy street on the bank of the beautiful St. Sebastian River, this Building rests in a quiet neighborhood reminiscent of “old Florida”.

Until closing for repairs in February 2017, the Community Building accommodated a wide variety of community activities including music, health, exercise, and step programs.  Weddings and receptions, celebrations of graduations and birthdays, picnics, and other special meetings were also held there.  The building was also a designated “safe haven” for the local preschool.  With this Building, the Roseland Women’s Club has been providing a site for community activities for 88 years.

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